Our Aim

To promote and advance the social welfare and housing needs of people who are  suffering or recovering from mental health illness, alcoholism or chemical addictions, by providing advice, treatment and support through the provision of both community services and the development and management of housing schemes intended to provide accommodation for homeless people.

When someone is facing challenging times we are a friend who is welcoming and helpful

Praxis Service own 6 houses all together. 1 house being the women and children’s project and the other 5 houses are supported accommodation for single adults.

Praxis will interview each resident before they are offered a space.  Every resident can stay with Praxis Service for up to 2 years.  Within this time the individual will be allocated a key worker who they will work alongside and be supported in daily activities.  Each resident can choose the amount of support they receive.  Praxis Service offer different levels of support from low to high whether this is daily or weekly.  Also, each resident will be supported to bid for an appropriate tenancy of their own.  Praxis will give 6 weeks floating support once the resident is in their own independent property.

Positive Support, Positive Change
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What the charity does
Welfare and support based
Accommodation and Housing
Who the charity helps
When times are challenging we support...
Children/young people
People with disabilities
People of a particular ethnic or racial origin
People suffering or recovering from mental health illness, alcoholism or chemical dependency
How the charity works
A team that creates opportunities
Makes grants to individuals
Provides human resources
Provides buildings/facilities/open space
Provides services
Provides advocacy/advice/information
We work as a team to provide real and meaningful housing and welfare services

And we keep on supporting

We have  regular keywork meetings with action plans with agreed outcomes, reviewed quarterly. Staff give advice and help with social skills, money management, relationships, child protection, community involvement, and employment.

And we do love it when a plan comes together
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