Greggs Children’s Cancer Run and the Pretty Muddy Run

For 30+ years Praxis have taken part in the Greggs Children’s Cancer Run and the Pretty Muddy Run each and every year and is a proactive partner and supporter of these and other charities.

Snooker and Pool, Wednesday and Friday afternoons every week.

This activity takes place in our offices after Breakfast Club and Friday lunch.

Staff and residents also attend a local Pool and Snooker club every Thursday afternoon.

Summer Trips

Light water Valley, Beamish, Whitehouse Farm with the women and Children’s Project, local beaches.


Staff and residents attend Christmas pantomimes every year.  All activities are funded by Praxis to encourage residents to engage and use their time wisely to help with their mental health.

Messy Play Sessions

Staff have messy play sessions at the Women and Children’s project.  This allows the women and their children to bond with one another.  This activity is educational for the children as it helps them to learn new colours, practice good concentration and encourages communication.  Messy play promotes the children to share as well as play independently.

And we do love it when a plan comes together
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